Suspension Clamps are available for the majority of conductors in common use.

This range includes clamps of forged aluminium and clamps of galvanised malleable cast iron which are supplied complete with aluminium liners for use with aluminium based conductors.

Suspension Clamps for earth wire applications are similarly available. These clamps are provided with suitable lugs for the connection of earth bonds.

Suspension clamps are designed to meet requirements of BS EN 61284 and NGTS 3.4.6. as and where applicable.

Suspension and Strain Clamps

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Aluminium Trunnion Support Clamp

Aluminium Suspension Clamp

Aluminium Strain Clamp

Aluminium Pivot Suspension Clamp

Helixon Suspension Clamps

Cast Iron Trunnion Support Clamp

Cast Iron Suspension Clamp