Company History and Expansion

The founder, Arthur Albert Henton, started Steam Threshing Contracting serving the local farming communities of an 8NHP Traction Engine from William Allchin of Northampton.

This necessitated the creation of a modest engineering company which progressed, not only supporting the contracting business, but successfully expanding into the metal working trades. In the post war years, the company consolidated its activities with emphasis on quality fabrications, welding and machined products.

8NHP Tractions built by Wm. Allchin

Above: One of the few surviving 8NHP Tractions built by Wm. Allchin and purchased new by Arthur Albert Henton in 1903, this engine is still in the family, it has been extensively refurbished in our own workshops and restored to its original condition.

Arthur Albert Henton

The founder: Arthur Albert Henton. 1880 – 1951

In 1966 the constructions of the UK 275 kV and 400kV Supergrid system was underway with the need for associated metalwork. The knot was tied and Henton quickly became well known as a principal supplier of quality overhead line materials to the main contractors. The range of products was progressively widened and the customer base increased to include insulators and overhead line construction contractors, the Central Electricity Generating Board, the Area Electricity Boards and overseas Electricity Authorities.

In January 1988, Henton acquired Overhead Line Fittings from Unidare Group, the long established and respected supplier of insulator fittings and overhead line hardwear to the industry both at home and abroad. From then onwards the company implemented an ongoing policy to enhance its reputation for QUALITY AND SERVICE.