UNIAL™ Universal electrical jointing paste is a unique electrical jointing compound, formulated to prevent galvanic corrosion and enhance connections in electrical joints.

Many power connectors in service are subjected to relatively severe outdoor environments,as a result, galvanic corrosion is recognized as one of the most significant causes of failure and electrical reliability issues.

This corrosion problem is apparent in all areas however it is particularly severe in marine & coastal areas, connections made from dissimilar metals and in particular, Aluminium to Copper and to a lesser effect between Aluminium to Aluminium and Copper to Copper are affected.

Degradation of the conductor connector interfaces is caused by the action of galvanic corrosion and this build-up of corrosion will lead to the loss of the mechanical and electrical integrity and ultimately, failure of the joint.

The Use of Unial™ on power connectors, can have a major effect on the connector performance and enhance electrical efficiency.

.It is used in a wide range of applications where permanent low-resistance joints are vital these include overhead line conductor connections, cable jointing, transformer and switchgear connections, lightning conductors and many more.

It can be used in temperatures from -30 to 120 deg Celcius

Unial is supplied in packs of 250 gram cans or packs of 1kg cans and 25kg kegs.

Unial is available from stock and can be supplied on a next day delivery as required.

Please call for further information on Health & Safety and Instructions for use.